CBS Eruv Map

An eruv  (Hebrew: עירוב‎ mixture, also transliterated as eiruv)  is a ritual enclosure that some communities construct in their neighborhoods as a way to permit Jewish residents or visitors to carry certain objects outside their own homes on Shabbat.


An eruv accomplishes this by integrating a number of private and public properties into one larger private domain.

The eruv allows Jews to, among other things, carry house keys, tissues, medicines, or babies with them, and use strollers and canes. The presence or absence of an eruv thus especially affects the lives of people with limited mobility and those responsible for taking care of babies and young children.


The Eruv surrounding the neighborhood of CBS Community Center was built in 2005 and expanded a few times since. An additional Eruv was built in 2011 to surround the neighborhood around Beit Harambam Synagogue. The two Eruvs are connected and checked for imperfections each week. 


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